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Better Odds Roulette or Blackjack

Better Odds Roulette or Blackjack

When we hear casino we surely can say that the first thing that comes to mind is roulette and blackjack. This might be because they are the most popular casino games ever. And that’s why today we will talk about which game has better odds roulette or blackjack. In both roulette or blackjack you can win a very big amount of money. However there are big differences in the games. Roulette is more popular because it is easier to play and there are many more bet types that you can make. But in blackjack, everything is more simple but still, we can say that you will need more knowledge and experience in blackjack than in roulette.

Bet Types in Roulette

The bets that you can make in roulette mainly are divided into two the outside bets and the inside bets.

By using outside roulette bets, you can make 6 different bets:

  • Column Bet
  • Dozen Bet
  • Bet on Color
  • Bet on Odd/Even
  • Bet on Low/High

By using inside roulette bets, you can also make 6 different bets:

  • Straight Up Bet
  • Split Bet
  • Street Bet
  • Cornet Bet
  • Five Bet
  • Live Bet

The bet that has the highest risk has the biggest winning amount, yes we are talking about the straight-up bet.  If you bet on only one number in roulette and if the ball lands on that number in the roulette wheel you will get paid x36 the amount that you will place as a bet. For example if you place 10 EUR bet on the number 8 and if the roulette ball lands on the number 8 in the roulette wheel you will get 360 EUR. Here the risk is high and also the winning amount is high. There are also bets that you can make with smaller risks but the winning amount is also decreasing as the risk is decreasing. For example you can make some of the outside roulette bets. Let’s say that you want to bet on a color, there are 3 colors in roulette red, black and green. The green is the number 0, and the number from 1 to 36 is divided into red and black. If you place a bet on red and the roulette ball lands on a red number in the roulette wheel you will get paid 2x of the amount of your bet. So if your bet amount will be 10 EUR you will get 20 EUR.

The best odds in Blackjack

As we have mentioned above in blackjack everything seems easier but in reality it’s harder and you need more knowledge and experience. The main rule is to get as close as possible to 21. The game is played against the house. You get cards the house gets cards who will get closer to 21 will win, just keep in mind if the sum of the cards that you will get exceeds the number 21 you will lose even if the house or other players are not as close to 21 as you can be.  

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