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Best Time of Day to Play Roulette

Best Time of Day to Play Roulette

As we all know local casino and online casinos work 24 / 7 every day. No matter the day and time you can always enjoy playing your favorite casinos games, whether is it roulette, slots, poker, baccarat or any other game. This might lead us as a players to what is the Best Time of Day to Play Roulette ? There are many theories about this topic. Some people say that you should play roulette at towards the evening. This theory is toward that that time of the day there are lot of roulette players, and your chances of winning will increase more than other time of the day. But this is only a theory by some players. The real players know that every minute or second of the day is a good time to play Roulette.

Basic Roulette Knowledge

If you are reading this article than you know that roulette is a game with a 37 combinations of numbers that you make bets and on normal (regular) roulette the maximum amount that you can win is 36 x times the amount of your placed bet. For example if you place a 10 EUR bet on certain number we can say this number to be 8, and if the roulette ball land on the number 8 in roulette wheel than you will win 36 X 10 = 360 EUR.

Not all the casino games have same rules and same winning amount, we clearly know this from the casinos banning people from their casinos about playing certain games like ; Black Jack. In the past years there was a very popular technique in Black Jack called the card counting. Players that were assured that they are counting cards were banned from entering casinos. But when it comes to roulette there is no chance of fraud. Neither the player can fraud the house or the house can fraud the players. Because the rules are clear and simple.


When it comes to fraud in casinos especially in online casinos is a big topic to talk about. Above we said that in roulette neither the player can fraud the house or the house can fraud the players. Because the Online Casinos give bonuses to the players there are more chances for players to fraud the house. There is no chance that Licensed Online Casinos can fraud the players. That is one of the reasons why you should always prefer Licensed Online Casinos, the non-licensed Online Casinos might not send your money if you win.

The Theory about Slot Games

There are many theories about the slot games. A lot of people say that the slot games are not profitable for players. But that’s not true, because every Slot Game has its own RTP percentage usually the RTP for slot games is from 90 % to 98 %. Before you try your luck on certain slot game check what is the RTP percentage of the game.

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