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Best Odds of Winning Roulette

This guide has everything you need to know on Best Odds of Winning Roulette and get better odds every time you play this exciting casino game. If you are new to the Roulette wheel, we will give you all the information you need to get started and get the best chances to win at the game of Roulette. And if you are a Roulette pro. In that case, we will share with you some actionable hacks and betting strategy tips that you can use to make sure you do your absolute best to beat the house. 

How to Win on Roulette

The greater the odds of winning roulette bets, the less the payout; the lower the odds of winning roulette bets, the higher the payout. To calculate your complete odds, you need to multiply the payout by the initial odds. For example, an even-money bet on red has odds of 18/37 or 18/38. Divided out, this gives you a 48.65 percent or 47.37 percent chance of winning. On a single number bet, the odds are 1/37 or 1/38. This divides out to 2.7 percent or 2.6316 percent. Since a single number pays out at 35 to 1, you need to multiply the odds by 35. This amounts to 94.6 percent or 92.11 percent. The odds of the house winning each spin are 97.3 and 97.37. The house edge for a single number is, therefore, 97.3 minus 94.6 or 2.7 percent on the European wheel and 97.37 percent minus 92.11 or 5.26 percent. Notice that the house edge is exactly the same for the single number bet as it is for an even money bet. With this guide we will show you how to grow up your Odds of Winning Roulette.

How to Earn Money From Roulette

Roulette is a fun casino game. Winning a Roulette actually depends on the game you play and the bets you make. Most of the casino lovers start the game with the desire to make money. But everyone thinks that casino games are played only on luck, yes, it’s true, but if you add your strategy to your luck, you will double the money you will earn. Slot games are all based on luck, but roulette is both a game of luck and strategy. Knowing this, if you start the game, you are likely to leave the table as a “winner”. Now that we say it is a strategy game, let’s talk about Best Roulette Strategy Ever 100 Sure Win. There are many strategies, some of which are set to win, but when you lose in such strategies, you lose a lot of money. Others are adjusted to earn little by little in order not to lose much money.  If you have found the Best Odds of Winning Roulette in this article and if we have helped you, you will try your luck by visiting www.warofbets.com and selecting one of the betting sites available there.

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